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Product Delays & New Release Dates

Unfortunately we are really starting to see a lot of delays on products getting to us from our European distributors due to Brexit and lockdown restriction in most countries. Though we always try our best to make sure items arrive on time this is not always possible at the moment. We have listed all the upcoming releases, delays and changes below. We hope these delays should be temporary while the backlog at ports are sorted and things should get back to normal over the coming weeks. Magic The Gathering Kaldheim Prerelease - Unfortunately we got word from our distributor earlier...

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Shipping Days While In Lockdown

Unfortunately we are back in lockdown. The good news is we will still be shipping UK wide, but on less days than normal. We have put the days below and orders that come through when we are not in will be shipped the next shipping day. Current Shipping Days Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday. Please also note we do expect some delays with products due to COVID-19 and Brexit related delays. This may effect when we are able to send items out for preorders that have been placed. Where possible we will contact anyone effected and post updates on here...

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