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Delay & Delivery Update March 1st 2021

Delivery & Delay Updates!

We have updated below some of the upcoming releases and possible delays. Unfortunately we are still experience significant delays to certain lines coming in from European distributors. We would like to assure you we are doing everything we possibly can to get stock in on time or as quick as possible, unfortunately a lot of this is completely out of our control and due to Brexit and lockdown in many European countries causing delays. If stock is delayed rest assured we do everything we can to make sure items are shipped out or dropped off locally the same day they arrive with us.

Pokémon TCG

Shining Fates Initial Stock

We have had some small deliveries since release and have been fulfilling as many orders as we can. Our main shipment still has not reached our German Distributors yet. We are hoping this might arrive with them this week at some point. If this was the case we should receive them in the next couple of weeks. This is mainly effecting Tins, Pins sets and ETB's.

Shining Fates Premium Boxes & Mini Tins (Release 5th March)

We are still waiting for confirmation from multiple distributors on when these are likely to be received and sent out. Once we have further information we will post, but the hope is we will have some stock for Friday to fulfil orders.

Digimon TCG

Booster Box v1.0 & Starter Decks

Theses are on there way into us from our German Distributors, Unfortunately at the moment they are stuck in customs waiting for clearance. The hope is we will have these with us this week, but we will continue to monitor the situation and as soon as they land get them shipped and let everyone know.

Booster Box v1.5 (Release 12th March)

Though not confirmed 100% we do suspect there maybe delays with these, we are constantly monitoring and will update later in the week once we have more information.

Tamer Box (Release 12th March)

Multiple distributors have confirmed a delay on these from Bandai, and now are expecting them late March. We will update as we get more information.


Weiss Schwarz Re:Zero Extra Booster & Magie Record Booster (Release 26th February)

These were due to release last Friday, unfortunately they are stuck in customs in Germany. We are hoping they will be with us this week and will let everyone know once in stock.

Cardfight!! Vanguard Special Series Clan Selection Vol.1 (Release 26th February)

Like Weiss these were set to release last Friday and are unfortunately also stuck in customs at Germany. We are hoping they will be with us this week and will let everyone know once in stock.

Cardfight!! Vanguard Bang Dream Film Live Booster (Release 5th March)

This has been shipped to us today, but we suspect following the delays from last week that this may miss its initial release date of Friday 5th. As always we are monitoring the situation and will update later in the week once we know more.

Dragon Ball Super TCG

Battle Evolutions Booster Box (5th March Release)

Unfortunately there has been confirmation from our distributor that there is a delay of this product coming into them from Bandai. They are expecting it the following week. We expect we will have them around 2 weeks after the release date, but will update once we have more information.

As always thank you for your ongoing support in these extremely difficult times. We understand delays are frustrating and we honestly spend most of our time pulling our hair out trying to get stuff in as quick as possible. At the moment a lot of these issues are out of our hands and we just have to do what we can to give you up to date information and be as transparent as we can. Your support means the world to us at the moment and we will do everything we can to make sure product gets to a soon as humanly possible.

Many Thanks
Kieran & Vince

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