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Funko Pop FAQs

We stock a large range of Funko Pops and have added some answers to frequently asked questions below.

Can you get a certain Funko Pop?

We are getting new Funko Pops on a weekly basis and pride ourselves in having a large range. Some older Funko Pops are very difficult to get a hold of and we may not be able to source them. We suggest sending us an email at and we can see if it is something we can source for you.

Can you guarantee what sticker will be on an exclusive Funko Pop?

This is something we cannot guarantee. There is also some circumstances where an exclusive will not have a sticker at all. This is mainly due to Fuko Pops from diffrent parts of the world having diffrent exclusivity. We try our best to have accurate images on the website, but on some occasions this may not be possible. As an example sometimes an American exclusive Hot Topic Pop in Europe may have the normal Special Edition sticker.

Do you guarantee boxes will be perfect?

We pride ourselves in shipping items like Funko Pops and have a lot of experience in getting them to you the same way they left us. However boxes are there to protect the Funko Pop inside. Whilst we always try to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase, we do not class small scuffs, tears, dents or other superficial damage to the outer-box to be a fault. We will not offer refunds, partial refunds, or replacements of the product for any minor damage on the product’s box. We also do not keep spare boxes to replace a damaged box.

Can I pre-order Funko Pops from you?

Currently we do not offer pre-orders on Funko Pops and this is down to it being very difficult for us to give exact dates of when we will recieve them. Funko Pops are unlike say a Trading Card Game where a new release will have a solid date. Funko pops tend to have soft release dates that can have a release window as big as half a year. We list new Funko Pops the moment they come into stock and are ready to ship. If there is a pop you are after that is due out please message us at and we can put you on a mailing list that will let you know once we have the pop in stock. We stock almost all new releases so if you have seen it we will most likley be getting it in.

Do you sell second hand Funko Pops?

No all our pops are brand new and in box.

Can I buy multiple of the same Funko Pop?

In most cases yes, but there are some situations where we may put purchase limits on certain pops. We usually do this if a pop is limited edition or very popular with a limited amount of stock. If we have had to add a purchase limit on a pop we will note this in the item description. We want as many customers to be able to enjoy these pops at reasonable prices.

Do your Funko pops have price stickers on them?

Mostly no we do not sticker our funkos in-store however some of our older pops we have had in stock for a long time may have price labels on them. These tend to be discounted to reflect this.

If I have any other Funko Pop related questions what should I do?

You can always message us on Facebook or send us an email at