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Genesis: Battle of Champions Beta Booster Box *Pre-Order*
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Genesis: Battle of Champions Beta Booster Box *Pre-Order*

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This product is a pre-order and the product will be shipped on the UK release date specified and not before. When placing a pre-order please make sure to place just the pre-order as any in stock items will only ship when all items are available. This is the same with pre-orders with different release dates as we will only be able to ship the order once all products are in stock. Please note release dates and packaging are subject to change by the manufacturer.

*Release date is Summer 2021 and no exact release date has been given*

Game Contents:
Each display box contains 24x booster packs.

In Genesis, players build a custom deck from their collection of cards. Each card has a unique rule text explaining how they function. With the addition of a 5x6 grid Arena, we merged the tactical concept of other games like chess with the experience of a collectible card game. You and your summons navigate the Arena by moving, casting spells, and using techniques. Your goal is to attack your opponent from a position of advantage. Direction, distance, and awareness can make or break your plans.
The complete Beta set contains: 16x Rares, 20x Uncommons, 42x Commons, 8x Champions, and 4x Aura Cards.