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UFS - Cowboy Bebop (DLC 5)
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UFS - Cowboy Bebop (DLC 5)

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The adventures of the Bebop’s crew continue with these characters from the hit anime. Cause some grief to Spike and the rest of the crew with the incompetent Cowboy Andy; the revenge-seeking Gren; the immortal child, Wen; or Spike’s elusive dream girl, Julia. These bounties are ready to fight back in this Deck-Loadable Content™!

Official Release Date – Semptember 18, 2020

Funimation, Sunrise – Cowboy Bebop UniVersus DLC Display

Each DLC contains four new Characters. Each Character has an Attack and a Foundation card. A breakdown of each Character Set can be found below:

1x Character A
2x Attack A
2x Foundation A

This set features 12 new cards for a total of 20 cards. All cards in the DLC are foil!