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UFS - Seventh Cross Booster Box *Pre-Order*
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UFS - Seventh Cross Booster Box *Pre-Order*

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This product is a pre-order and the product will be Shipped once in stock. With our initial Universal Fighting System stock we are unable to give exact dates of when we will receive the item, but do give a rough estimated date below. When placing a pre-order please make sure to place just the pre-order as any in stock items will only ship when all items are available. This is the same with pre-orders with different release dates as we will only be able to ship the order once all products are in stock. Please note release dates and packaging are subject to change by the manufacturer.

Expected arrival date: August 2021 (Subject To Change)

The year is 1929, in a world much like our own…
An enigmatic organization known only as “The Church” has kept the world safe from magic and monsters for centuries, allowing culture and civilization to flourish.
In the shadows, an ancient magic empire stirs, seeking to revive the lost craft and unleash mayhem once again upon humanity.
Powerful Church Inquisitors seek out monsters and put them down in the name of order and duty using a vast array of mystical arcana, bizarre machines, and medieval implements, sometimes even unleashing their own monstrous nature to gain new abilities and turn the tide of battle in their favor.

Seventh Cross Booster Display contains 24 booster packs of 10 cards each for The Universal Fighting System (UFS).
There are a total of 88 different cards that can be found in these booster packs.
Each booster pack contains 6 commons, 3 uncommons, and 1 rare or ultra rare card.

The Seventh Cross Booster Display contains 24 booster packs of 10 cards each for The Universal Fighting System (UFS).

This set features 88 cards. The Seventh Cross CCG includes the following playable characters, each with their own monstrous 2nd form:

  • ·Celinka· // ··Celinka··
  • ·D’Janette· // ··D’Janette··
  • ·Eugenia· // ··Eugenia··
  • ·Geoffrey· // ··Geoffrey··
  • ·Remiliss· // ··Remiliss··
  • ·Taisei· // ··Taisei··
  • ·Tournelouse· // ··Tournelouse··
  • ·Zsolt· // ··Zsolt··

Each Seventh Cross Booster Display comes with 1 copy of each of the characters’ monstrous 2nd form as a box topper.

This set features support for keywords such as: Gauge, Ally, Charge, Ranged, Combo, Breaker, EX, Fury, Flash and some much more!

Rarity Breakdown:
21 Common
24 Uncommon
20 Rare
15 Ultra Rare