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Weiss Schwarz Kaguya-sama: Love Is War Trial Deck+

Weiss Schwarz Kaguya-sama: Love Is War Trial Deck+

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You meet a worthy opponent... challenge them to a game... and have a match to remember.
Everyone would say that's a wonderful thing.
But they're wrong!
Even in a casual match, there exists a distinct power relationship!
A side that plays an offensive finisher and
a side that plays a defensive late game,
a side playing a meta deck,
a side playing a waifu deck,
a winner and a loser!
Weiß Schwarz is war!
Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, now coming to Weiß Schwarz English Edition!
Please be informed that the artwork for the SP card has been modified from the Japanese Edition.

The cards in this Trial Deck+ may be used together with cards with card number beginning with「KGL/」!
Parallel Cards
Parallel cards are randomly sealed into decks!
Every deck contains 2 shiny cards!
In addition, every deck you purchase has a chance to contain one of the following!
[RRR] Rare cards with special embossing (3 types)
[SP] Special Rare with special embossing and hot stamp (1 type)
Products Specifications
19 types of cards + 6 parallels
50 Cards per Deck